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E-Business Solutions

ETC company develop much e-Business solution for upgrading and improving traditional business processes.
E-Business Solutions provide innovative solutions for e-business strategy, e-marketing and e-commerce as well as support sales departments based on interactive applications.


There are many challenges for small business owners, when it comes to make a decision about their Information Technology structure. Too many options are on the table and too little frank and unbiased sources at hand. This is an indisputable fact that Information technology has become a major and inseparable part of any business. Whether it’s about keeping records of your customers, or running the whole accounting department, you need to set up a sustainable, affordable and up-to-date computer system. In many cases, chances are that more than one platform are needed to meet a small business IT needs. Every small business owner is aware of value and benefits of having a web site. This unfolds a whole new world, where you can integrate a wireless service and a web site to get more from a rising online market.


ETC company Services helps corporations, Government, and public sector organizations better control their document management processes in order to reduce costs, improve operations, and mitigate risk. Our spectrum of managed solutions spans the document life cycle, from document creation through disposal. These solutions include mail, print/copy and fleet management, imaging, records management, electronic discovery, and Six Sigma-based performance management. The company’s strong vertical industry presence includes financial services and insurance, legal, manufacturing, technology, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, as well as government and education.